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The Issues At Hand



Academic Freedom for all.

  • Classrooms should be a market place for freedom. The professor's job is to teach students how to think critically so they can come to their own conclusions.

  • Freedom of speech for students, professors and staff is a must. Students, Staff, and Professors need to be able to directly talk with a Board of Trustee member without fear of supervisor of professor discipline.


Bring transparency to all areas

  • Treat all Trustees and the President equally.

  • Everyone has an equal voice.

  • Consensus building.

  • Repair trust within the community.

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Increase Enrollment.

  • We need to respond to the changing demographics of students. Students today want to merge work, school, and family,

  • Focus on reducing graduation time, prevent burnout.

  • Offer better scheduling options for classes.

  • Be forward thinking, training students for jobs that don't even exist yet.

  • Engage the community and businesses to better understand what they need from the college.

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