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Worley Highway
Sub-District 1

Kootenai County Republican Central Committee Vetted & Recommended

  As Your
I Will:

Stop Your Property Levy Tax Increasing at the Maximum Amount of +3% Each Year

There are four highway districts in Kootenai County: Worley, East Side, Lakes and Post Falls.

Every year they vote on your Property Levy Tax. 

They can vote for up to a maximum of 3% increase, no increase or a decrease.

                Worley         East Side      Lakes        Post Falls

  2023         +3%             0%               0%               -1%

  2022         +3%             0%               0%               -1%

  2021         +3%             +3%             0%                0%

  2020         +3%             +3%             0%                0%

My opponent has voted to increase your taxes for four straight years.

I will vote for a 1% decrease in tax, following the lead of Post Falls.


  • Work with Kootenai County Commissioners and Coeur d’Alene Tribe on well managed growth that stays within the approved Zoning Rules.

  • New Growth needs to pay for Growth.

  • Highway District should work on improving existing roads.  They are not into building new roads. 

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